The Archipelagos project

Archipelagos is a creative project based on two main parts:

a coaching part, researching imaginative territories as a tool for self-expression and identity discovery; you can practice the “Archipelagos journey” through individual coaching sessions and group workshops;

an anthropological part, discovering through podcast interviews what does it mean to live on an island or to be in some way related to an island or archipelago in our life.

The project uses the image of islands and archipelagos as metaphors for human individuality, the uniqueness of each one of us, and how we can live in relation to others and the environment.


My name is Elena Cobez. I am a creativity coach and an aromatherapist. I support people who would like to find meaning in their lives, exploring new paths and solutions in a creative way.

I have been a coach and an aromatherapist for over 20 years in Italy (read my story here); in the latest years, my clientele has widened to people all over the world. I am happy to work as a cross-cultural coach, understanding uniqueness and how it is possible to bridge cultures in our personal and professional life.

The Archipelagos project is a coaching project about self-discovery, identity and finding our place in the world.



The Archipelagos project includes a six-step process in which we will create a personal vision using islands and archipelagos as symbols to work with.

We begin finding our own inner island and mapping it; then we will see how we connect with others so how can we bridge our differences and how we can communicate better as part of the process. It’s also about finding clarity and creating our own inner tools for our path. In the end, we will have a step named “holding the vision”, so how we can use all those resources and play them in our everyday life.

You can follow the six-step process as individual coaching sessions or in a group workshop.

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Sometimes it really gets difficult to clarify your thoughts and your path. We have many tools today and many DIY resources, but in our life we need also to talk with other people, to connect with others, and in my experience, coaching is based on high definition conversations that can help in driving your life at its best.

I have been trained in counseling and I followed a personal Jungian analysis; since then I have been working as a consultant, mostly with people who have focused on work, family and the outside world, and now want to find back themselves and explore new opportunities.

If you feel an inner drive that is asking you to widen your horizons finding aliveness, direction and confidence, we can work about this together. Archipelagos coaching uses active imagination, storytelling and embodiment practices to allow you to create your life step by step.

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The “Perfumed podcast” is about creativity and sensoriality as ways of thinking out of the box and unblocking our personal and professional path. You will find interviews with creative professionals and entrepreneurs who share their insights on “how to find what’s the next step.

The podcast has a special section dedicated to the “Archipelagos interviews” with people who are related to islands and archipelagos in their lives, geographically and symbolically.

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