My name is Elena Cobez. I am a cross-cultural coach and an aromatherapist. I help people find direction, purpose and unlock their creativity. I am based in Trieste, Italy

I have been a coach and an aromatherapist for over 20 years in Italy (read my story here); in the latest years, my clientele has widened to people all over the world. I am happy to work as a cross-cultural coach, understanding uniqueness and how it is possible to bridge cultures in our personal and professional life.

The Archipelagos project is a coaching project about orientation, identity and finding our place in the world.



The “Perfumed podcast” is about creativity and sensoriality as ways of thinking out of the box and finding orientation in our personal and professional path. You will find interviews with creative professionals and entrepreneurs who share their insights on “how to find what’s the next step.”

The podcast has a special section dedicated to people who are related to islands and archipelagos in their lives, geographically and symbolically.

Check the Podcast here.


A normal life

Walking through the streets of Montpellier, I rediscover a life full of normality. I sit down to drink a coffee and eat the inevitable croissant; I look at the maritime pines, the cream-colored buildings and the gray wrought iron railings. Fascinated by the colours, I can’t resist and enter a fine arts store, where I …

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