Sometimes it really gets difficult to clarify your thoughts and your path. We have many tools today and many DIY resources, but in our life, we need also to talk with other people, to connect with others, and in my experience, coaching is based on high definition conversations that can help in driving your life at its best.

If you feel an inner drive that is asking you to widen your horizons finding aliveness, orientation and confidence, we can work about this together. Archipelagos coaching uses active imagination, storytelling and embodiment practices to allow you to create your life step by step.

You can choose to follow the six-step Archipelagos journey (plus one introductory session about Letting go) booking a free call of 20 minutes to understand together if this work is for you.

You can choose also the Core Gift discovery session, for finding orientation and motivation.

The words of clients:

β€œThe visualisations took me to places in my soul that I no longer remembered and accompanied me to re-appropriate desires and feelings that on a conscious level I would never have had the capacity to embrace.
They were all moments permeated with a light energy, but with a powerful and fertile heart of new awareness.”

“I’ve always thought of myself as a not very creative person, or at least not trained to be creative. During the visualisations I tend to get distracted but in the end something came out despite these difficulties πŸ™‚ I think that from these experiences we can get a lot out of each of us.” – M.

The Archipelagos coaching package includes:

  • a brief introductory assesment sent via email;
  • six 45-minute sessions through the Archipelagos journey;
  • a journey map to be completed at the end.

Book here a free introductory 20-minute session! Or send an email to: for any further detail.