My story

I have always been a curious person, full of ideas and aliveness. I like travelling, meeting people, and understanding deeply human behaviour. I also love Nature, and respect for our ecosystems is very important for me.

When I was twenty years old I lost my parents, and so I had to take responsibility for all aspects of my life very soon, while coping with the trauma and the suffering. It took a long journey, and during this personal journey, I discovered I wanted to share with others the tools and understanding I had.

At the very beginning, 25 years ago, I trained in ayurvedic massage and aromatherapy. Then since my work was so based on human relationships, I felt the need of understanding better how to help people on a more emotional and cognitive level. I trained in breathwork counseling and some years after I took the MIT ULAB coaching journey, as a participant and as a host.

I also trained in Jungian biographical analysis, and my work with people gradually became more based on coaching than on sensory tools. At the same time, I kept alive my artistic practice with scents, composing perfumes and becoming an olfactory lab trainer for the University of Cosenza (Italy).

In Milan I was used to meeting people from all over the world, working with them about their orientation, identity and creativity mostly using scents, imagination and storytelling.

When the pandemic came, as a coach and aromatherapist, I realized that I couldn’t use scents as I was doing before, so I had to shift to using more imaginative journeys and storytelling for doing the coaching work. At a certain point, I wanted to find an image, a metaphor to convey the core meaning of my work, that is supporting each individual to find his/her own identity while finding a place in the world.

The metaphor that came to my mind was the island, since each of us is really unique, and we have an inner territory that is still to discover. At the same time, healthy life is based on healthy relationships and connections: this is why I called the project “Archipelagos”, because archipelagos are community of islands, and the social dimension is fundamental for developing our role in the world.

Especially when you’re creative and you’re bringing your uniqueness into the world, some feeling of isolation might be involved, and this is why my project motto is “because each of us is an island, but we are not isolated at all“.

This method uses active imagination as a tool for finding insights that are not available in our everyday awareness; during the sessions, we also use various journaling processes and embodiment practices.

As a support tool. I offer also the Core Gift Discovery coaching process, which in two sessions allows finding an orientation statement. This work is perfect for you if you’re looking for direction in your life.


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