Preparing for Spain

In the last months, I have realized that I need to travel again, after two challenging years in which I have checked and updated many parts of myself. This travel happens more or less 24 months after the first spread of the pandemic in Italy. On the 22nd of February 2020, I came back home, in Milan, after a workshop, and I didn’t know that we would have a long lockdown, that allowed me to make important choices in my life.

My first choice was to live in Trieste for a while, since it’s my birthplace and it is a city by the sea – I had a deep need of breathing Nature again.

So, 24 months after, I am preparing for a travel to Spain, which will surely give me a new breath and a new awareness. In this travel, I have chosen to create a sketchbook, a personal tool that is also a coaching tool, which will allow me to explore my thoughts, feelings and understandings.